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What kind of photographers are you?

We are fine art wedding photographers. We strive to create timeless and elegant images. This style is often associated with the light and airy look that is achieved from shooting and overexposing color negative film stocks like Fuji Pro 400H and Kodak Portra 400. We also incorporate a lot of documentary style and candid images into your wedding gallery as well. Check out our blog if you want to learn more about our style!

How much do you charge for weddings?

Please contact us for a personalized quote, especially if you are interested in both photography and videography. We like to have a brief phone consult with every one of our couples to ensure we are providing the most accurate prices for each individual wedding.

How will I receive my photos?

After your images are edited, we will send you an email with a link and password to download your hi-res photos to use as you like.

Can I order prints from you?

Yes. If you are interested in having certain photos from your session printed to hang on your wall, your personal gallery offers different sizes and types of prints and wall art for you to choose from and purchase online.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do require a non-refundable retainer of $500 to reserve your wedding date.

Is tax included in your prices?

No, tax will be added to price at time of booking.

When will I receive my photos?

Wedding galleries are typically delivered in 6-8 weeks after the event. Sneak peek will be delivered the following day.

When will I receive my video?

Wedding videos are typically delivered in 8-12 weeks after the event.

Will you shoot my entire wedding on film?

We would love to shoot your entire wedding on film. Due to the additional cost associated with shooting film and processing it, there will be an additional charge for this. Please inquire with us for details.


How long have you been a photographer?

We both started at a very young age. We've been shooting weddings together for 7 years. See our "About Us" for more details!


What's your favorite location that you've ever shot at?

Paris, France! Can't wait to go back again!


How many photos do you deliver in a wedding gallery?

There isn't a set number, and every wedding is different. We give you all the good ones, We get rid of the photos of your Uncle Bob scratching his butt and your nephew picking his nose. This typically averages out to about 100 images per hour.


Do you do destination weddings?

Heck yeah! Let's go!!! We currently have a handful of destination weddings booked for next year, and we are excited to add even more to our portfolio.


Do you charge travel fees?

Depends on the distance we have to travel. If your venue is more than 150 miles from Wilmington, NC inquire with us. We make this decision on a case by case basis. We have waived travel fees in the past for destinations that we really wanted to shoot at.


Will film be shot at my wedding?

Probably! We shoot film at every wedding we've done for the last few years. However, we view cameras like tools and will use which ever tool we feels is best at that moment.


You delivered a photo in black & white. Will you change it to color for me?

Probably not... There's a good chance the black & white images in your gallery were shot on black and white film. If we converted a digital image to black & white, there's likely a really good technical reason why we did it. Bad mixed color lighting situation, etc.


Why does my sneak peek look slightly different in the final gallery?

Wow you sure are observant! The simple explanation is, when we edited your sneak peek, we didn't have the film scans back from the lab. While we're pretty good at getting the digitals to look close to how they should, sometimes they are slightly off when we see the scans, so we have to adjust color as necessary to get them to look as close to the film as we can. We do this so you that you have one cohesive look throughout the entire gallery.


Why do my hi-res photos look so bad when I upload them to social media?

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram use compression software to compress your hi-resolution images into a smaller file size so that it is more easily viewed on the web. If you want them to look their best online, use the lower resolution download option to download the smaller size images for use online. Higher resolution is better when you are making physical prints.


What film cameras do you use at weddings?

Some of the film cameras that we currently use at weddings includes: Pentax 67, Leica m3, Yashica Mat 124, Canon EOS 3, Minolta XD5, Pentax 645nii and Canon EOS 1V.
We love to shoot film!

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